When to apply for Medicare Supplement Plans?

Signing up for Medicare supplement plans, do you want to know when to apply? Here it is, you must sign up before reaching 65 years. This can be done before 3 months prior to your 65th birthday, even if you do not start on receiving retirement benefits. At the same time you also can switch out of the benefits of cash retirement once you fill the application online.  Signing up online is possible for Part A Medicare (Hospital Insurance) and for Medical Insurance through Part B. This must be done as a priority so that you start paying Part B premium to enjoy the coverage. You can sign up now or even turn it down, if you wish.

In case you do not wish to get enrolled in Part B Medicare supplement plans right now, you can do it later. But remember the coverage also may be delayed; besides you must be ready to pay for Part B higher monthly premium as long as Part B is with you. The monthly premium on an average will go to 10 percent more every year and this works as a penalty for not signing for Medicare Part B when you were eligible. This may be excuses only if you are qualified for Special Enrollment period.

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Special Enrollment Period (SEP)

In case you have coverage of medical insurance under some group health plan depending on the employment of your spouse or yours, you need not apply at age 65 for Part B Medicare supplement plans.  In fact, you will be considered eligible for Special Enrollment Period; it means you can do Part B sign up when:

  • You are covered any month under the group health plan as the employment of your spouse or yours continues or
  • The period of 8 month initiates immediately after the coverage of group health plan or your employment ends, anything that happens first.

 Is applying online helpful?

Using Medicare Supplement plans application online means it includes number of benefits, where you can:

  • Answer questions by stopping and starting the application without the fear of information getting lost.
  • Avoid visiting to Social Security Office means you save money and time.
  • Make corrections before submission of application.
  • Electronically submitting the application means, you just have to click on submit now and your mail reaches Social Security office and you have online receipt as record.
  • Check your application status online. On submitting the application, you will receive once a confirmation number.